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Tomohito Asakawa

Tomohito Asakawa

"Business immediately humanitarian"

Nice to meet you, I'm Tomohito Asakawa.


Thank you for visiting our website.


On this site, I would like to introduce the "Management Philosophy" and "Life Philosophy" that I have valued since I founded Life Design Partners. This is because "a company is its people" and I am also a "human" who is only fulfilling the role of a manager.


To introduce myself a little, I am partly a manager, partly a university professor, and partly a professional training coach. There is also an aspect of being a music artist who performs solo live performances on holidays. Also, my teacher sometimes ridiculed me, saying, "You are also a philosopher and a thinker."


who am i which one is the real me?


Of course it's all me.

As announced by the Cabinet Office in 2022, human capital will be reviewed in the future, and the arrival of the "age of individuals" is more obvious than looking at the fire.

Recently, terms such as ideological management and purpose management have become popular, and it is only natural that the humanity, thinking, and philosophy of individual managers are attracting attention.

However, even in the future, where AI will continue to develop, robots will not tell us how we should be as "humans."

That's why I decided to focus on Tomohito Asakawa's individual "people".

Let me tell you the story of a young man.

The young man was born into a wealthy family and enjoyed a smooth sailing school days. However, suddenly, when his parents' company went bankrupt, he was burdened with a large amount of debt at a young age. I have to lose sight of what I have been relying on and live on my own. When he realized that he had to eat for the next day, he encountered the world of "sales".


The world of sales is of course harsh, and I was confronted so many times that my value, which was immature at the time, was gouged out. A sales person is nothing but an unnecessary existence if it has no value for the customer. "I am worthless." For a young man who had been raised kindly until now, the series of self-denials was a shocking experience for the first time.


Looking back, he confessed that he felt this way.

"Sales is a profession, it would be nice if it disappeared."

“The ideal is to develop good products and sell them without relying on sales force.”

"Is it really a good thing to force it on people who say they don't want it?"

Meanwhile, he gets a realization from one book.

"Sales is like a doctor. If it's really necessary and useful from an expert's point of view, you should strongly recommend it. It's your role to provide value that customers don't know."

Really. My role is to convey and guide the future that the customer is not aware of.


This awakened him, and as a result, he recorded the top sales for the year, and after working as a manager, he founded a sales training company. We have successfully trained 3,000 sales people, and there is no end to the introduction of major companies. The continuation rate is 98%, which is an amazing figure. In 2010, along with Akira Takada of Japanet Takata, he was the only sales consultant to be selected as one of the "100 next-generation leaders representing Asia" by The Japan Times, an English-language newspaper.

As you may have already noticed, that man is me, Tomohito Asakawa.


I was really useless, so I asked the profession of "sales" to save my life.

That's why I want to tell as many people as possible how wonderful it is.


I think I understand from the bottom of my heart the feelings of those who are worried about sales and those who cannot sell.


That's why I want to get rid of people who can't sell.

I want to raise the profession of sales to a profession that children long for.


That's my dream.


If you can't do it with me, please give up your sales job.

I live with the confidence and determination to say so.


Sales is a way of life. It's people, not skills.


In that sense, business is life.


Business immediately humanitarian.


Would you like to enrich your life with me?

"Continuing to be an accompaniment that colors life"

That is my life philosophy and way of being.


Thank you for your continued support of Tomohito Asakawa.




Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. At the age of 28, he joined one of the world's largest talent development consulting companies. Engaged in sales of educational programs for working people with an average unit price of over 1.2 million yen over the phone, and achieved top annual sales in just 2 years and 3 months despite having no sales experience. As a branch manager, he achieved a sales increase of 230% compared to the previous month in the first month of his arrival, and has a track record of not only "selling" but also "selling". Independent in September 2009. In December 2011, he established Life Design Partners Co., Ltd., whose main business is human resource development and sales consulting, and assumed the position of CEO. As a sales consultant, he has contributed to solving problems and achieving goals for a total of over 6,000 clients, regardless of whether they are individuals or corporations. In 2010, he was the only sales consultant selected by The Japan Times as one of the 100 next-generation managers representing Asia. In 2014, he serialized business communication psychology on the problem-solving site "RISEUPCLUB" for small and medium-sized enterprises operated by Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (at that time).

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